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Scroll down to see information for my classes at Women's Inspiration Nest (Walpole) and Kamala Art and Soul (Holliston). In addition to the classes listed here, customized workshops, group or individual classes, and parties or fundraisers can be arranged. Please contact me with any questions or if you would like to customize a class or party. Thanks!

Women's Inspiration Nest, Walpole

At Women's Inspiration Nest the motto is 'Gather Create Renew' and whether you come on a Monday morning or a Saturday morning, these classes will provide you with an opportunity to relax and regroup and get creative. The ongoing Monday morning classes teach traditional Zentangle method. The Saturday maorning classes are more 'Zentangle Inspired Art', using Zentangle method but applying it to a fun seasonal project. Sarah will guide and support you step by step, one simple line at a time, in a classroom where there are "No mistakes, only endless possibilities" - [TT]. These classes are for teens, adults and seniors. Beginners are always welcome to join at any class and all materials for class are provided.$30 per class or $25 per class if you purchase a four-class pass. (NOTE: Saturday classes are displayed as 'clickable' links - click on class description to go to the class event page on Facebook!)

Saturday Zentangle classes at WIN
(Zentangle Inspired Art and seasonal projects)
First and Third Saturdays of each month, 9:30am-11:30am
Feb 4 Love Letters
Feb 11 Winter Bear (Rescheduled from January)

Monday Zentangle classes at WIN
(Ongoing classes for traditional Zentangle method and techniques)
First and third Mondays of each month, 9:30-11:30am
Feb 6, 20
Mar 6, 20
Apr 3, 17 

Kamala Art and Soul

The 'Traveling with Tangles' program at Kamala, taught by Certified Zentangle Teacher Sarah Del Mastro (The Traveling Tangler) introduces students to traditional Zentangle skills and encourages exploration of a variety of ways to go beyond traditional Zentangle to create Zentangle Inspired Art and seasonal projects. Demo pens are available for use in class. Zentangle kits and other resources are available for purchase. See class dates below and come join us for the journey!  (NOTE: Sunday classes are displayed as 'clickable' links - click on class description to go to the class event page on Facebook!)

$30 per class or $25 per class if a four-class pass is purchased ($100)
* some classes may have a small additional materials fee, see descriptions

Kamala's Sunday Zentangle
(Zentangle Inspired Art and seasonal projects)
Sundays twice monthly, 10am-12pm

Zentangle Class Series:
(Ongoing classes for traditional Zentangle method and techniques)
Every other Wednesday, 9-11am
Feb 1, 15 
Mar 1, 15, 29 
Apr 12, 26 

Note: In addition to these classes that I am teaching at Kamala Art & Soul, check out other classes being taught by Kate and other CZTs at this location. Visit for the full schedule.

Examples of Past Classes:

Zentangle Inspired Feather Project

Techniques for Tangling on Black
Traditional Zentangle uses a black pen on white paper. In this class we explore Zentangle in reverse... white pen, black paper!

Tangled Heart
For Mother's Day or for any day, practice these heart tangles and create some love in your art! 

Gemstone Butterflies
Zentangle Inspired Art project: Although not traditional Zentangle method, many tanglers have been enjoying adding 'gemstones' to their work. Learn the step by step, tangle-like approach that can be used to draw gemstones and combine it with tangles to create a beautiful tangled butterfly.

Bijoux on Bijou
Although not a part of traditional Zentangle method, many tanglers are enjoying adding 'gemstones' to their tangled artwork. Using miniature Zentangle 'Bijou' tiles, learn the step by step method to create your own 'gemstones'.

Spiraling Around
Tangles that work well in spirals and tangles that are spirals! Explore working with this simple, beautiful, primitive symbol.

Ocean Garden Tangles
A fun Zentangle Inspired Art project incorporating ocean garden theme. 

Sun Zendala
Encouraging the summer sun - explore tangling a sun themed design on a Zentangle Zendala tile. 

Stacking - Ocean Theme
Stacking tangles is a super simple and fun way to tangle. Let's have some fun with bringing our favorite tangles to the ocean waves!

Norfolk Library Tanglers

Norfolk Public Library, Norfolk MA
Every Wednesday 9:30-10:30am

Community Tangle Time is an informal group meetup for tanglers to get together to laugh and learn, to connect and share. Sometimes we have a tangle or a project as a theme, but sometimes we make it up as we go depending on the participants interests on the day :) Demo pens are available but you may want to bring your Zentangle kit if you have one. Students without previous experience of Zentangle are welcome to join the group at any time, but a Beginners Class is a great place to start if you can make it!

*** NOTE: The first Wednesday of each month is focused on beginner tangles.
*** ALSO NOTE: In summer if the weather is good we meet on the town green next to the library :)

To Register for a Class:

For more Information or to register for a class:

Please contact me to register for a class. Pre-registration is required for all classes, but last minute bookings may be able to be accommodated!

Sarah, 774-571-8461,
or register for events on my Facebook Page at

NOTE: The Zentangle® art form and method was created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and is copyrighted. Zentangle® is a registered trademark of Zentangle, Inc. Learn more at


  1. Hi,

    I was wondering if you have any new Sunday classes coming up?

    1. Sorry for delay, I haven't been updating my website much recently! I will be doing Sunday classes at Kamala Art and Soul in Holliston if you are interested. Also planning a beach trip to tangle a beach next Sunday if you are interested email me at the email on my contact page and/or check out the menu option above for my facebook page! Look forward to meeting you soon. Sarah.