What is Zentangle?


Zentangle® is an easy to learn method which creates beautiful images through the use of simple repetitive patterns. Using just pen, pencil and paper, relaxing, meditative and empowering, as well as portable and affordable, Zentangle is popular with people of all ages, interests and abilities, even those who initially say 'I could never do that!' In addition to being a wonderful fun and relaxing activity for all, zentangle is being applied in an impressive array of different arenas from arts and crafts and quilting, to meditation and yoga, from social work and psychological and life skills counseling to pain management and team building workshops. The Zentangle method was developed by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of the company Zentangle (www.Zentangle.com).

- Who can do Zentangle?
If you can write your name you can create art with Zentangle. The method has a few very simple steps that are easy to learn and follow. The patterns that are taught are all created from simple 'elemental strokes' such as a circle, a line or perhaps a letter such as 'S' or 'C'. Zentangle is an activity that can be shared and enjoyed by all ages and abilities; children, teens, adults and seniors can create designs with Zentangle together.

- What tools or equipment do I need to create a Zentangle?
A piece of paper, a pencil, a pen. That's it! Zentangle is portable and affordable. 

- Why is Zentangle sometimes referred to as a 'meditative' art form?

Most people find the process of creating a zentangle to be calming and relaxing. When following Zentangle method there is no 'right or wrong' or 'up or down' and we have no expectations about what the final piece of art will look like. Relieved of any expectations we are free to relax and become absorbed in the creation of patterns. The repetitive nature of zentangle can help the brain to switch off other thoughts and achieve a state of relaxed focus similar to that found in other meditative methods.

- Does it come with health benefits?
Actually, yes! Some people have reported increased calmness, lower blood pressure, relief from insomnia or depression among other helpful side effects! Success with zentangle can be very empowering and confidence building.

For additional backgound info on Zentangle visit Zentangle.com. 

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