Friday, August 2, 2013

Look what we created... Ensemble

Ensemble means 'together', and together at the Dover Library this week lots of kids brought their parents and grandparents and gathered to 'Make Art on the Green'. It was a beautiful summer afternoon of facepainting and fingerpainting, a henna artist and sandy candy, and freshly popped popcorn... and... Zentangle! Many of the visitors to the event stopped by at the Zentangle table, chose an empty section on one of our nine tiles and filled it with circles ('Tipple') or lines ('Hollibaugh' or 'Static' or 'Diva Dance'), or their own patterns that they already enjoy making, or patterns that they created on the spot! Our youngest contributor was 3 years old, and one visitor was working with her non-dominant hand since her regular writing hand was injured. At the end of the day the last visitors helped me put the nine tiles back together in order, we added some shading on the outside and on the 'big circles'  and we discovered that together we created a one of a kind piece of art work for the library - a community ensemble Zentangle design :) Looking forward to teaching a Beginners Workshop with the Dover community on Thursday...

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