Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bijou etait a la plage!

Mid July some tanglers got together at a local beach and had some fun tangling in the sand. You can see the photos and read about how much fun we had here, but there was another piece of the story that I couldn't share online until today...

As we began our tangles with a little 'Flux' and 'Printemps' something appeared at the waters edge. At first it was hardly noticed by the passers by... 

First one line...

Then two...

Who could it be,
Coming out of the sea,
To surprise you and me,
When there are tangles to see?

Oui, oui, c'est lui...
Notre nouvel ami!


Thanks Bijou for joining us and thanks Maria and Rick for permission to share his photo here. 


  1. Bonjour, Bijou! I hope you enjoyed your day at the beach! <3