Monday, December 14, 2015

Where is Glace hiding?

During our recent 'Winter Deer' class I provided students with a handout showing some 'winter-inspired' tangles for them to learn for their winter Zentangle fun. One of them is called Glace. It is a tangle created by Rick and Maria in November 2013. It reminded them of ice as it melts and reforms. It reminds me of the roof of a gingerbread house, or in the variation shown here it reminds me of fairy lights when you first open the box and they are all so neatly arranged :) But one of my students contacted me to say she couldn't find it online. There is a Glace tangle that someone has posted, but it doesn't look at all like this! So here's the scoop...there are a few tangles from Rick and Maria that they have shared with CZTs along the way, but for one reason or another never got around to publishing the stepouts, so those few are not available at and generally no stepouts have been posted for them. What seems to have happened with this one is that someone else has created a different tangle independently and named it Glace, so if you google that name it comes up with a completely different tangle! To find more 'hidden' tangles check out THIS PAGE on and then ask your local CZT to teach them to you in class. We can take a look at Glace during our 'All Boxed Up' class on Sunday or ask me to teach it whenever we next meet.

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