Saturday, March 31, 2012

How I tamed my Fengle arms!

Weekly challenge from I am the diva #63 (see my next post for Zentangles and experimental sketches with Fengle) involved the new official tangle Fengle just released by Maria and Rick, founders of Zentangle. Instructions are in their latest newsletter. It was tricky to get the hang of... hard to get the radiating arms to flow nicely and behave themselves in a repetitive way. Definitely helps to rotate the paper as you go! I also found it helped to imagine a straight line coming out of the center. Then the ''S' curve I could create by bringing a curve out of the center above the line, crossing over and dipping below the imaginary line and then  up back to meet the line... like this...

Varying the number and position of the lines and how 'stretched' or 'crunched up' the 's' curve was gave me different sizes and shapes for the Fengle skeleton...

After some practice I found I could just place a dot where I wanted the end of each Fengle arm and quite comfortably draw an s curve from there to the center or vice versa.

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  1. I like your alternate explanation for creating Fengle - the concept of the imaginary line is great. It will be very helpful to pass along to students that might struggle with this pattern. Visually I got it but when I tried to replicate it I was having a problem as it didn't look like yours. Then I figured out the "s" in your photos are going the opposite from how I was drawing mine. Either way it's still a very good explanation. Thanks for posting it.