Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Paradox Tunnel

In my entry for The Diva's Challenge this week I noticed a 'tunnel' type image appear in addition to the fans and twisted columns...

Margaret Bremner's tutorial "Paradox and then some" and other tutorials/step-by-step instructions have been really helpful for me so I thought I would try to deconstruct this pattern...

Below is a closeup of the last stage where I added a black area in the center of the paradox, shading all around, a half circle at the bottom of the pattern and some lines to make the 'inside' of the cylinder and at little addition on top of the pattern to try to give the impression that the 'tunnel' continues at the back of the paradox..


  1. Wow! That is really something! I will definitely have to try that soon. Love those happy accidents!!!

    1. Absolutely! Think of all the things that the world would be without if happy accidents didn't occur. Note to self - make a list of all the things we would be without if it weren't for happy accidents...

  2. You could call this one "twister". It's gives great depth to the tangle.