Thursday, July 26, 2012

Two types of shading

We had a wonderful 'Beyond the Basics' with Paula Sherwin at the art center last week. Paula gave us some wonderful ideas on how to develop our zentangle practice as a meditative practice. During class we also talked a little more about shading so I wanted to post a tile that shows two different examples of shading. We talked about how adding a little shading around the edges of a section will create a 'pillow effect', where the edges appear to fall back and the center of the section 'pops' out. I shaded the outside of all the sections, but I think the effect shows most in the spirals in the top left section, and on the 'Perk' sections (the ones that look like a beehive or chrysalis?). Shading can also be applied anywhere that something goes under something else. In the 'Printemps' section (closely packed spirals in top right) anywhere one spiral goes behind another I added some shading to the one that goes behind.
Tangles: Printemps, Perk, Knightsbridge

Remember to rotate your tile as you work and when you have finished to see how it changes when viewed in different orientations! Here is my tile photographed in different orientations...

Which one do you like best??? :) This weeks challenge from the Diva uses Mi2 and is a great way to practice shading of places that 'go under'. Click here to see my design using Mi2.


  1. wow, your purks look fantastic! i have not been successful with that pattern yet, but you give me new hope :) i'll try again! i like the lines you drew on the sides of the bands on the purk - they really add that extra dimension!

  2. Well hello random roomie ;o) I figured if I replied to the post you left on my blog you might not see it. So I came over here to comment on yours! Glad to see you got home okay.. heh heh
    email me if you want to commute for the Sept 8th get together if you can go!