Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Zentangle Inspired Art - Work in Progress

Inspired by the tangle 'Printemps', which we used in Molly's Beginner's Workshop, I began work on a larger piece of art work. Because it is not done on the traditional Zentangle 3.5" by 3.5" square tile it is considered not to be a true Zentangle, but rather a Zentangle Inspired Art or ZIA.It is a work in progress and doesn't have any shading on it yet, but I like how it's evolving...


  1. i'd love to see this finished! sarah, i have no idea how i found your blog. i was hoping you had a "follow me" box, i will write down your blog address so can find my way back to you again :)

    1. Thanks for all your comments. I have (I think) managed to add a 'Follow Me' gadget to my page :)